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Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul Freedom - No Compromise (Ltd. Blue Vinyl)

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Release on: 03/13/2020
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Format: Ltd. Blue LP

Freedom – No Compromise Freedom – No Compromise is the third solo album by Little Steven released in 1987. Following on the moderate success of Artists United Against Apartheid’s “Sun City”, Steven Van Zandt’s next record was a full-on dance-rock record, verging in places on world music. Bruce Springsteen and Rubén Blades join Van Zandt on lead vocals on “Native American” and “Bitter Fruit”, respectively. Politics were even more at the forefront than before, centering on U.S. transgressions in Central America, South Africa, and against Native Americans.

  1. Freedom (Side A)
  2. Trail Of Broken Treaties (Side A)
  3. Pretoria (Side A)
  4. Bitter Fruit (Side A)
  5. No More Party’s (Side B)
  6. Can’t You Feel The Fire (Sid eB)
  7. Native American (Side B)
  8. Sanctuary (Side B)