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Riz Ortolani / Nino Oliviero O.S.T. - Mondo Cane (2LP)

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The cult soundtrack to the shock film from 1962 as a double LP with 21 (!) Unreleased bonus tracks! The documentary "Mondo Cane" excited the cinema audience of the sixties with sensational topics. The music by Riz Ortolani & Nino Oliviero accompanied the brutal images with luxurious sounds between jazz, exotic, drama and lounge music. The soundtrack won a Grammy and was nominated for an Oscar, the title theme as "More" to a huge hit for Nat King Cole, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and other stars. Digitally remastered from the original tapes.


A1 Life Savers Girls 02:49

A2 L’Isola Maledetta (The Damned Island) 2:52

A3 Ragazze E Marinai (Girls And Sailors) 1:23

A4 Hong Kong Cha Cha Cha / Colazione Al Colony (Breakfast At The Colony) 3:32

A5 L’Ultimo Volo (The Last Flight) 2:46

A6 Dog Meat 1:08

A7 China Tarantella 1:22

A8 I Pescatori Di Ragjput / Gli Squali (The Fisherman of Ragjput / The Sharks) 4:23


B1 Modelle In Blu (Models In Blue) (More) 3:50

B2 Free Way (instrumental version) 1:55

B3 Casa Della Morte (House Of Death) 1:45

B4 Il Purgatorio (Purgatory) 1:32

B5 Repabhan Strasse (Repabhan Street) 2:18

B6 La Forcada (The Festival Of The Bull) 3:45

B7 Cargo Cult -Finale Del Film 4:42


C1 Mondo Cane - Presentazione Base 4:31

C2 Mondo Cane - M2 0:43

C3 Mondo Cane - M4 1:15

C4 Mondo Cane - M5 1:53

C5 Mondo Cane - M14 1:45

C6 Mondo Cane - M16 2:47

C7 Mondo Cane - M17 Coro 1:31

C8 Mondo Cane - M18 1:25

C9 Mondo Cane - M22 1:41

C10 Mondo Cane - M23 1:28


D1 Mondo Cane - M27 1:33

D2 Mondo Cane - M39 1:54

D3 Mondo Cane - M41 2:05

D4 Mondo Cane - M44 1:52

D5 Mondo Cane - M47 1:42

D6 Mondo Cane - M64 1:38

D7 Mondo Cane - M66 (III) 1:28

D8 Mondo Cane - M66 (V) 2:55

D9 Mondo Cane - M68 1:20

D10 Mondo Cane - M71 1:10

D11 Mondo Cane - M73 1:33