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Sugarcult Start Static (20th Anniversary Edition)

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Start Static is American rock band Sugarcult’s debut studio album. Originally released in 2001, the delivered three hit radio singles: “Bouncing Off The Walls,” “Pretty Girl” and “Stuck in America.” These singles drove the album to mainstream success, with songs featured across MTV’s Laguna Beach and support tours with Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World and Green Day.

Sugarcult’s debut album avoids settling into the comfortable, predictable territory of a single genre. Instead, the band brings together the universal qualities from all the music they love. While the record subscribes to the don’t-bore-us-get-to-the-chorus approach of power pop, it’s the don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of seminal punk rock that forms the backbone of Start Static.

START STATIC is anything but pop-punk by numbers. It has a spikey anthemic edge to it that hasn’t been heard in many a year, which when mixed alongside the more classic songwriting style that front man Tim Pagnotta adopts, combines to come up with some of the most bouncy tracks you’ll hear all year. It also makes for a record which is as chaotic as it is sane. In short it’s bloody essential.” – Punktastic

This release celebrates the 20th anniversary of the album and features three bonus tracks.


Side A

  1. You’re The One
  2. Stuck In America
  3. Hate Every Beautiful Day
  4. Bouncing Off The Walls
  5. Saying Goodbye
  6. Daddy’s Little Defect
  7. Lost In You

Side B

  1. Pretty Girl (The Way)
  2. Crashing Down
  3. How Does It Feel
  4. I Changed My Name
  5. Say I’m Sorry
  6. No Action
  7. Bouncing Off The Walls (Live)