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Live Throwing Copper (25th Anniversary Edt.)

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Tracklist: 1.1. The Dam At Otter Creek (Album Version) 1.2. Selling The Drama (Album Version) 1.3. I alone (Album Version) 1.4. Iris (Album Version) 1.5. Lightning Crashes 1.6. Top (Album Version) 1.7. All Over You (Album Version) 1.8. Shit Towne (Album Version) 1.9. T.B.D. (Album Version) 2.1. Stage (Album Version) 2.2. Waitress (Album Version) 2.3. Pillar Of Davidson (Album Version) 2.4. White, Discussion (Album Version) 2.5. Horse (Album Version) 2.6. Hold Me Up 2.7. We Deal In Dreams 2.8. Susquehanna