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Status Quo Thirsty Work (2-CD)

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Release on: 03/06/2020
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Thirsty Work the follow up to the acclaimed Rock ‘Til You Drop was released in 1994 and was the bands twenty first album. The album which reached no 13 in the UK album charts was their first for the Polydor label. 

The album featured a trio of top forty singles including I Didn’t Mean It, Sherri Don’t Fail Me More and Restless

This 2-CD set features 2 bonus discs of bonus material with live performances and B-sides – the enhanced booklet contains new interviews with Francis Rossi and members of the band by Quo guru Dave Ling in which they discuss the making of the album.

Disc One

  1. Goin' Nowhere
  2. I Didn't Mean It
  3. Confidence
  4. Point of No Return
  5. Sail Away
  6. Like It or Not
  7. Soft in The Head
  8. Queenie
  9. Lover of The Human Race
  10. Sherri Don't Fail Me Now
  11. Rude Awakening Time
  12. Back on My Feet
  13. Restless
  14. Ciao Ciao
  15. Tango
  16. Sorry

Disc Two

  1. Survival - B-Side of "I Didn't Mean It"
  2. She Knew Too Much - B-Side of "I Didn't Mean It"
  3. Tossin' And Turning - B-Side of "Sherri Don't Fail Me Now"
  4. Down to You -B-Side of "Sherri Don't Fail Me Now"
  5. Beautiful - B-Side of "Sherri Don't Fail Me Now"
  6. And I Do - B-Side of "Restless"
  7. Democracy - B-Side of "Restless"
  8. I Didn't Mean It - Acoustic
  9. Sherri Don't Fail Me Now - Extended
  10. Restless - Orchestral
  11. I Didn't Mean It - Hooligan Version
  12. Going Nowhere - Live in Stockholm 1994
  13. Soft in The Head - Live in Stockholm 1994
  14. Rude Awakening Time - Live in Stockholm 1994
  15. Queenie - Live in Munich 1994
  16. Restless - Live at Wembley or Royal Albert Hall 1994