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DIO Sacred Heart

Product Type: Limited Japanese 2xSHM-CD
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Limited-edition Japanese reissues with paper-sleeve and SHM-CD

These unique new package features:

–           Recreated original LP replica sleeves with original finishes & artwork

–           Miniature Japanese obi-strap

–           Remixed and remastered version from 2012 + Bonus Disc

–           Limited Edition


Disc 1

  1. King of Rock and Roll
  2. Sacred Heart
  3. Another Lie
  4. Rock 'n' Roll Children
  5. Hungry for Heaven
  6. Like the Beat of a Heart
  7. Just Another Day
  8. Fallen Angels
  9. Shoot Shoot

​​​​​​​Disc 2

  1. Hide in the Rainbow
  2. We Rock (live B-Side of "Rock 'n' Roll Children" 12')
  3. The Last in Line (live B-Side of "Rock 'n' Roll Children" 12')
  4. Like the Beat of a Heart ( live B-Side of "Hungry for Heaven" 12')
  5. King of Rock and Roll (live at Intermission 1986)
  6. Rainbow in the Dark (live at Intermission 1986)
  7. Sacred Heart (live at Intermission 1986)
  8. Time to Burn (live at Intermission 1986)
  9. Medley: Rock 'n' Roll Children, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, Man on the Silver Mountain (live at Intermission 1986)
  10. We Rock (live at Intermission 1986)