√S&M2 von Metallica - BluRay jetzt im uDiscover Shop
√S&M2 von Metallica - BluRay jetzt im uDiscover Shop

Metallica S&M2

Article no.: 133680
Release on: 08/28/2020
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Product Type: BluRay

     1 Menu (features "Moth Into Flame")
     2 Intro (features "Wherever I May Roam" and "All Within My Hands")
     3 The Ecstasy of Gold (Live)
     4 The Call of Ktulu (Live)
     5 For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live)
     6 The Day That Never Comes (Live)
     7 The Memory Remains (Live)
     8 Confusion (Live)
     9 Moth Into Flame (Live)
     10 The Outlaw Torn (Live)
     11 No Leaf Clover (Live)
     12 Halo on Fire (Live)
     13 Intro to Scythian Suite (Live)
     14 Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II: The Enemy God And The Dance Of The Dark Spirits (Live)
     15 Intro to The Iron Foundry (Live)
     16 The Iron Foundry, Opus 19 (Live)
     17 The Unforgiven III (Live)
     18 All Within My Hands (Live)
     19 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth (Live)
     20 Wherever I May Roam (Live)
     21 One (Live)
     22 Master of Puppets (Live)
     23 Nothing Else Matters (Live)
     23 Enter Sandman (Live)
     24 Credits
     25 Behind the Scenes: Making of the Show
     26 All Within My Hands Promo