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Voodoo Lounge von The Rolling Stones - 2LP jetzt im uDiscover Store

The Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge

Art: 2LP
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A new red & yellow coloured vinyl edition of Voodoo Lounge to celebrate 30 years since its original release. This album features the singles 'Love Is Strong', 'You Got Me Rocking', 'Out Of Tears' and 'I Go Wild.'


Disc 1
1.    Love Is Strong (Side A)
2.    You Got Me Rocking (Side A)
3.    Sparks Will Fly (Side A)
4.    The Worst (Side B)
5.    New Faces (Side B)
6.    Moon Is Up (Side B)
7.    Out of Tears (Side B)

Disc 2
1.    I Go Wild (Side C)
2.    Brand New Car (Side C)
3.    Sweethearts Together (Side C)
4.    Suck on the Jugular (Side C)
5.    Blinded by Rainbows (Side D)
6.    Baby Break It Down (Side D)
7.    Thru and Thru (Side D)
8.    Mean Disposition (Side D)