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Norah Jones Little Broken Hearts

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In 2001, Norah Jones debuted with the now classic album "Come Away With Me", which fused jazz, pop, blues and a touch of country in a very unique way, and made it to multi-platinum status and several Grammy awards.

Norah Jones, who had achieved worldwide fame almost overnight, did not slavishly stick to the successful concept in the years to come, but tried out different sounds and styles again and again, to the delight of her fans. In 2011 she appeared as a guest singer of Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi for their album "Rome". Inspired by this collaboration, Norah Jone' album "Little Broken Hearts" was created the following year in collaboration with Danger Mouse.

In June, for its 10th anniversary, in addition to the remastered version of the original album, a deluxe edition on 3 LPs or 2 CDs will be released. Additionally to the 12 original songs eight alternative versions and remixes are included and also a complete live recording of the album repertoire, which Norah Jones recorded in 2012 in Austin City Limits, Texas.


1. Good Morning (3:17)
2. Say Goodbye (3:27)
3. Little Broken Hearts (3:12)
4. She’s 22 (3:10)
5. Take It Back (4:06)
6. After The Fall (3:42)
7. 4 Broken Hearts (2:59)
8. Travelin’ On (3:06)
9. Out On The Road (3:28)
10. Happy Pills (3:34)
11. Miriam (4:25)
12. All A Dream (6:29)