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Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Dazzle Ships (40th Anniversary Edition)

Product Type: Exclusive Die Cut Sleeve Black 2LP
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In celebration of the 40th anniversary of OMD’s fourth studio album, Dazzle Ships, UMR/EMI are pleased to announce the release a brand new expanded version of the album. The set comprises of the original album, plus a bonus LP of unreleased demos and rarities which has been compiled and mixed by Paul Humphreys.

There will be two sets available – one in the original bespoke die cut sleeve on 180 gram black vinyl, and a second in a standard gatefold sleeve, on blue and silver vinyl. Both versions will use the alternate blue artwork.


LP1 - Side A

  1. Radio Prague
  2. Genetic Engineering
  3. ABC Auto-Industry
  4. Telegraph
  5. This Is Helena
  6. International

LP1 - Side B

  1. Dazzle Ships (Parts II, III And VII)
  2. The Romance Of The Telescope
  3. Silent Running
  4. Radio Waves
  5. Time Zones
  6. Of All The Things We've Made

LP2 - Side A

  1. Telegraph 82 (Very Early Demo)
  2. Silent Running (Demo)
  3. Sold Our Souls (the Avenue Demo)
  4. Shakespeare 82

LP2 - Side B

  1. Untitled Instrumental 82
  2. In Heaven Above (4- NEU Demo)
  3. Telegraph Live 1984