Deuce (50th Anniversary Edition) by Rory Gallagher - CD - shop now at uDiscover store
Deuce (50th Anniversary Edition) by Rory Gallagher - CD - shop now at uDiscover store

Rory Gallagher Deuce (50th Anniversary Edition)

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rory Gallagher’s sophomore solo album from 1971, a deluxe boxset of the album is presented which will include a new mix of the original album, twenty-eight previously unreleased alternate takes, a six song 1972 BBC Radio ‘In Concert’, and seven Radio Bremen radio session tracks. The package will contain a 64 page hardback book with a foreword by Johnny Marr of The Smiths, unseen images, essays and memorabilia from the album recording. The 2CD and 3LP will be cut down versions from the deluxe box and there will be a special Exclusive 1LP of the BBC In Concert – Live at The Paris Theatre, 13 January 1972.

“There was one day when I was playing along with the Deuce album which was a complete turning point for me as a guitar player”
Johnny Marr



  1. Used to Be - 50th Anniversary Edition
  2. I'm Not Awake Yet - 50th Anniversary Edition
  3. Don't Know Where I'm Going - 50th Anniversary Edition
  4. Maybe I Will - 50th Anniversary Edition
  5. Whole Lot of People - 50th Anniversary Edition
  6. In Your Town - 50th Anniversary Edition
  7. Should've Learnt My Lesson - 50th Anniversary Edition
  8. There's a Light - 50th Anniversary Edition
  9. Out of My Mind - 50th Anniversary Edition
  10. Crest of a Wave - 50th Anniversary Edition


  1. Used to Be - Alternate Take 1
  2. I'm Not Awake Yet - Alternate Take 1
  3. Maybe I Will - Alternate Take 1
  4. Whole Lot of People - 12 String Acoustic Alternate Take 1
  5. In Your Town - Alternate Take 3
  6. Should've Learnt My Lesson - Alternate Take 3
  7. There's A Light - Alternate Take 1
  8. Out of My Mind - Alternate Take 3
  9. Crest of a Wave - Alternate Take 2
  10. Should've Learnt My Lesson - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
  11. Crest of a Wave - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
  12. I Could've Had Religion - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
  13. For The Last Time - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
  14. Messin' With The Kid - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
  15. Don't Know Where I'm Going - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971
  16. Pistol Slapper Blues - Radio Bremen 21/12/1971