The 7" Singles Box by Paul McCartney - Exclusive Limited Numbered Vinyl Box - shop now at uDiscover store
The 7" Singles Box by Paul McCartney - Exclusive Limited Numbered Vinyl Box - shop now at uDiscover store
The 7" Singles Box by Paul McCartney - Exclusive Limited Numbered Vinyl Box - shop now at uDiscover store

Paul McCartney The 7" Singles Box

Product Type: Exclusive Limited Numbered Vinyl Box
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This numbered limited-edition collection of 80 x 7” singles personally supervised by Paul McCartney contains:

  • Recreations of 65 singles/promos using restored original artwork from 11 different countries
  • 15 singles never-before released on 7” including:
    • Singles previously released on 12”, picture discs, CD singles/promos, digital downloads, and music videos
    • 1 x EP
    • 1 exclusive test pressing randomly selected from the manufacturing process
    • 148-page book containing foreword from Paul, essay by Rob Sheffield, recording notes, release dates, and chart information on each of the singles – each single included is shown on the attached onsert which will be packed into each box

Remastered and cut at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Also available digitally.

All housed in a two-piece, four-walled FSC approved Redwood pine and Birch Ply wooden art crate manufactured in the United Kingdom.


1971, Sweden

1A: Another Day

1B: Oh Woman, Oh Why


1971, US Mono

Promotional Release

2A: Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey [Mono]

2B: Too Many People [Mono]


1971, UK

3A: The Back Seat of My Car

3B: Heart of the Country


Previously unreleased on 7”

4A: Love Is Strange [Single Edit]

4B: I Am Your Singer


1972, UK

5A: Give Ireland Back to the Irish

5B: Give Ireland Back to the Irish [Version]


1972, UK

6A: Mary Had a Little Lamb

6B: Little Woman Love


1972, Belgium

7A: Hi, Hi, Hi

7AA: C Moon


1973, Israel

8A: My Love

8B: The Mess [Live at The Hague]


1973, Sweden

9A: Live and Let Die

9B: I Lie Around


1973, Spain

10A: Helen Wheels

10B: Country Dreamer


1974, Germany

11A: Jet

11B: Let Me Roll It


1974, Germany

12A: Band on the Run

12B: Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five


1974, The Netherlands

13A: Mrs. Vandebilt

13B: Bluebird


1974, Belgium

14A: Junior’s Farm

14B: Sally G


1975, Australia

15A: Listen to What the Man Said

15B: Love in Song


1975, Germany

16A: Letting Go

16B: You Gave Me the Answer


1975, Belgium

17A: Venus and Mars / Rock Show

17B: Magneto and Titanium Man


1976, France

18A: Silly Love Songs

18B: Cook of the House


1976, Germany

19A: Let ‘Em In

19B: Beware My Love


1977, Japan

20A: Maybe I’m Amazed (Live)

20B: Soily (Live)


1977, UK

21A: Mull of Kintyre

21AA: Girls’ School


1978, Germany

22A: With a Little Luck (DJ Edit)

22B: Backwards Traveller/Cuff Link


1978, UK

23A: I’ve Had Enough

23B: Deliver Your Children


1978, The Netherlands

24A: London Town

24B: I’m Carrying


1978, France

25A: Goodnight Tonight

25B: Daytime Nightime Suffering


1979, UK

26A: Old Siam, Sir

26B: Spin It On


1979, UK

27A: Getting Closer

27AA: Baby’s Request


1979, Japan

28A: Arrow Through Me

28B: Old Siam, Sir


1979, UK

29A: Wonderful Christmastime

29B: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reggae


1980, UK

30A: Coming Up

30B: Coming Up (Live at Glasgow)

30BB : Lunch Box/Odd Sox


1980, UK

31A: Waterfalls

31B: Check My Machine


Previously unreleased on 7”

32A: Temporary Secretary

32B: Secret Friend

[7” Single Edit]


1982, UK

33A: Ebony and Ivory

33B: Rainclouds


1982, UK

34A: Take It Away

34B: I’ll Give You a Ring


1982, UK

35A: Tug of War

35B: Get It


1983, UK

36A: Say Say Say

36B: Ode to a Koala Bear


1983, UK

37A: Pipes of Peace

37B: So Bad


1984, UK

38A: No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)

38B: No More Lonely Nights (Playout Version)


1984, UK

39A: We All Stand Together

39B: We All Stand Together (Humming Version)


1985, US

40A: Spies Like Us

40B: My Carnival


1986, US

41A: Press [Video Edit]

41B: It’s Not True


1986, Art reformatted from US 12” promotional vinyl

42A: Pretty Little Head (Remix)

42B: Write Away


1986, US

43A: Stranglehold

43B: Angry (Remix)


1986, UK

44A: Only Love Remains

44B: Tough on a Tightrope


1987, UK

45A: Once Upon a Long Ago

45B: Back on My Feet


1989, US

46A: My Brave Face

46B: Flying to My Home


1989, UK

47A: This One

47B: The First Stone


1989, Australia

48A: Figure of Eight [7” Bob Clearmountain Mix]

48B: Où Est le Soleil


1989, UK

49A: Party Party

49B: Artwork etching


1990, UK

50A: Put It There

50B: Mama’s Little Girl


1990, Europe

51A: The Long and Winding Road

51B: C Moon


1990, UK

52A: Birthday

52B: Good Day Sunshine


1990, UK

53A: All My Trials

53B: C Moon


Previously unreleased on 7”

54A: The World You’re Coming Into

54AA: Tres Conejos

54B: Save the Child

54BB: The Drinking Song (Let’s Find Ourselves a Little Hostelry)


1992, Europe

55A: Hope of Deliverance

55B: Long Leather Coat


1993, Germany

56A: C’Mon People

56B: I Can’t Imagine


1997, Reformatted from 7” picture disc

57A: Young Boy

57B: Looking for You


1997, Reformatted from 7” picture disc

58A: The World Tonight

58B: Used to Be Bad


1997, Reformatted from 7” picture disc

59A: Beautiful Night

59B: Love Come Tumbling Down


1999, UK

60A: No Other Baby

60B: Brown Eyed Handsome Man

60BB: Fabulous


2001, Europe

61A: From a Lover to a Friend

61B: Riding into Jaipur


2004, Europe

62A: Tropic Island Hum

62B: We All Stand Together


2005, Europe

63A: Fine Line

63B: Growing Up Falling Down


2005, Europe

64A: Jenny Wren

64B: Summer of ’59


Previously unreleased on 7”

65A: Dance Tonight

65B: Dance Tonight [Demo]


Previously unreleased on 7”

66A: Nod Your Head

66B: 222


2007, Europe

67A: Ever Present Past

67B: House of Wax (Live)


Previously unreleased on 7”

68A: Sing the Changes

68B: Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight [Radio Edit]


Previously unreleased on 7”

69A: (I Want To) Come Home

69B: (I Want To) Come Home [Demo]


Previously unreleased on 7”

70A: My Valentine

70B: Get Yourself Another Fool


2012, US

Christmas Kisses

71A: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

71B: Wonderful Christmastime


Previously unreleased on 7”

72A: New

72B: Early Days


Previously unreleased on 7”

73A: Queenie Eye

73B: Save Us


Previously unreleased on 7”

74A: Hope for the Future

74B: Hope for the Future [Thrash Mix]


Previously unreleased on 7”

75A: In the Blink of an Eye

75B: Walking in the Park with Eloise


2018, Global

76A: I Don’t Know

76AA: Come on to Me


Previously unreleased on 7”

77A: Who Cares

77B: Fuh You


2019, Global

78A: Home Tonight

78AA: In a Hurry


Previously unreleased on 7”

79A: Find My Way

79AA: Winter Bird / When Winter Comes


Previously unreleased on 7”

80A: Women and Wives

80B: Women and Wives (St. Vincent Remix)