Masterpieces by Little River Band - CD - shop now at uDiscover store
Masterpieces by Little River Band - CD - shop now at uDiscover store

Little River Band Masterpieces

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‘MASTERPIECES’ celebrates the songs not released as singles throughout the band’s catalogue but which stand as firm fan favourites around the world bringing them to the front and giving fans the chance to dive even deeper into the band’s history. Presented as a 3LP set alongside 2CD and digital formats – across 26 tracks, this digs deeper into the Little River Band story.

The physical editions of these simultaneously-released collections boast extensive liner notes and track details – meticulously curated by the original Little River Band.

Alongside the release of these flagship projects, the Little River Band catalogue will be re-delivered to all digital platforms in newly remastered form on October 14.

This project has been developed in complete collaboration with the artist – and presents Little River Band back to the market in pristine audio quality and meticulous care.


1) It’s A Long Way There (8:39)
2) Curiosity (Killed The Cat) (3:40)
3) I’ll Always Call Your Name (4:48)
4) Emma (3:29)
5) Everyday Of My Life (3:52)
6) Help Is On Its Way (4:09)
7) Witchery (2:54)
8) Home On Monday (3:57)
9) Happy Anniversary (4:08)
10) Shut Down, Turn Off (3:54)
11) Reminiscing (4:16)
12) Lady (4:58)

13) Lonesome Loser (4:00)
14) Cool Change (5:15)
15) It’s Not A Wonder (3:58)
16) I’m Coming Home (3:45)
17) The Night Owls (5:20)
18) Take It Easy On Me (3:47)
19) Man On Your Mind (4:18)
20) Down On The Border (2:59)
21) The Other Guy (2:49)
22) We Two (4:32)
23) You’re Driving Me Out Of My Mind (5:15)
24) Playing To Win (3:01)
25) Forever Blue (5:09)