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KISS Destroyer 45

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In 1976, KISS dropped the bombshell on the world being DESTROYER, an album that originally received resistancefrom fans due to the band exploring a new sound and has long become the quintessential and all-time best selling KISS studio album. Exploding with concert staples and KISS Army favorites like “Detroit Rock City,” “Shout It OutLoud,” and “God Of Thunder” – the album’s new sounds came from the softer side of songs like “Do You Love Me?,”and songs heavy with orchestral arrangements including “Great Expectations” and their surprise hit single “Beth.”


Disc 1

  1. Detroit Rock City (Remastered)[Side A]
  2. King of The Night Time World (Remastered)[Side A]
  3. God of Thunder (Remastered)[Side A]
  4. Great Expectations (Remastered)[Side A]
  5. Flaming Youth (Remastered)[Side B]
  6. Sweet Pain (Remastered)[Side B]
  7. Shout It Out Loud (Remastered)[Side B]
  8. Beth (Remastered)[Side B]
  9. Do You Love Me? (Remastered)[Side B]

Disc 2 (*Previously Unreleased)

  1. God Of Thunder And Rock And Roll (Paul Stanley Demo)[Side A]
  2. Detroit Rock City (Paul Stanley Demo)[Side A]*
  3. Love Is Alright (Paul Stanley Demo)[Side A]*
  4. I Don’t Want No Romance (Gene Simmons Demo)[Side A]*
  5. Rock N’ Rolls Royce (Gene Simmons Demo)[Side A]*
  6. Star (Gene Simmons Demo)[Side A]*
  7. Beth (Acoustic Mix)[Side B]*
  8. Shout It Out Loud (Mono Single Edit[Side B])
  9. King Of The Night Time World (Live Rehearsal Instrumental)[Side B]*
  10. Detroit Rock City (Instrumental)[Side B]*
  11. Flaming Youth (Early Version)[Side B]*
  12. Shout It Out Loud (Alternate Mix)[Side B]*