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Moby Resound NYC

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Exclusive Limited Picture 2 Vinyl

Resound NYC – discover Moby’s new album! 

“I gave myself the broad but specific criteria that the music had to have either been written or recorded in New York,” says the artist about his second dive into the orchestral world. By reimagining hits first heard between 1994 and 2010, he reflects not only an era in his life, but also his birthplace, one of the world’s most iconic cities. Beneath the noirish cover shot of Moby against the Empire State Building, the limited picture disc vinyl features stunning images of New York and Moby. Each of the legendary tracks on the album – including “In My Heart”, “South Side”, “Perfect Life”, “Slipping Away” and “When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die” – has its own instrumental formation, with analogue synths and Mellotron used alongside more traditional strings and brass. Joining Moby on Resound NYC are a chamber ensemble and a line-up of guest artists as eclectic as it is stellar, including Nicole Scherzinger, Gregory Porter, Ricky Wilson, Margo Timmins and Amythyst Kiah.


LP 1 Seite A:
01. In My Heart (Resound NYC Version) feat. Gregory Porter
02. Extreme Ways (Resound NYC Version) feat. Dougy Mandagi
03. South Side (Resound NYC Version) feat. Ricky Wilson
04. Flower (Find My Baby) (Resound NYC Version) feat. Amythyst Kiah

LP 1 Seite B:
05. In This World (Resound NYC Version) feat. Nicole Scherzinger, Marisha Wallace
06. Helpless (Resound NYC Version) feat. Margo Timmins, Damien Jurado
07. Signs Of Love (Resound NYC Version)
08. The Perfect Life (Resound NYC Version) feat. Ricky Wilson

LP 2 Seite C: 
09. When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die (Resound NYC Version) feat. P.T. Banks
10. Slipping Away (Resound NYC Version) 
11. Second Cool Hive (Resound NYC Version) feat. OUM, Sarah Willis
12. Hyenas (Resound NYC Version)

LP 2 Seite D: 
13. Last Night (Resound NYC Version)
14. Run On (Resound NYC Version) feat. Danielle Ponder, Elijah Ponder
15. Walk With Me (Resound NYC Version) feat. Lady Blackbird