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Max Richter Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons

Product Type: Exclusive Limited Coloured Anniversary Edition 2 Vinyl
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Daniel Hope, Violin

Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin

André de Ridder, Conductor

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Max Richter’s outstandingly successful album RECOMPOSED, Deutsche Grammophon is releasing, for the first time, a strictly limited, numbered, coloured vinyl edition of his genre-defining masterpiece.

In addition to the 180g-vinyl records in transparent turquoise and red and a four-page booklet, the edition also includes two high-quality facsimile prints of the initial pages of Max Richter’s own personal pocket score of the original Four Seasons, with his personal notes and annotations.

When Max Richter’s RECOMPOSED was first released a decade ago, many found the impact unlike anything they’d encountered. Never before had they heard one of classical music’s most popular pieces, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, like this!

Since then, Max Richter has been delighting a worldwide audience of millions with his “Vivaldi for the 21st century” (Die Zeit), reaching not only those who love the original and know it off by heart, but also a totally new generation of listeners – whether in the concert hall or through films and series like, most recently, Netflix’s highly successful Bridgerton and The Crown.


VINYL 1 - Side A

  1. Richter: Spring 0
  2. Richter: Spring 1
  3. Richter: Spring 2
  4. Richter: Spring 3
  5. Richter: Summer 1
  6. Richter: Summer 2
  7. Richter: Summer 3

VINYL 1 - Side B

  1. Richter: Autumn 1
  2. Richter: Autumn 2
  3. Richter: Autumn 3
  4. Richter: Winter 1
  5. Richter: Winter 2
  6. Richter: Winter 3

VINYL 2 - Side A

  1. Richter: Shadow 1
  2. Richter: Shadow 2
  3. Richter: Shadow 3
  4. Richter: Shadow 4
  5. Richter: Shadow 5

VINYL 2 - Side B

  1. Richter: Spring 1 - Remix By Max Richter
  2. Richter: Summer 3 - Robot Koch Remix
  3. Richter: Autumn 3 - Fear Of Tigers Remix - Radio Edit
  4. Richter: Winter 3 - NYPC Remix