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Max Richter The New Four Seasons

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When Max Richter’s VIVALDI RECOMPOSED was first released in autumn 2012, it had an unprecedented impact on many listeners. Never before had Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, one of the best-known classical works of all time, been heard like this.

Since then, Richter has captivated millions worldwide with his “Vivaldi for the 21st century” (DIE ZEIT). Not only has RECOMPOSED won over those who already loved the original and knew every note by heart, it has also attracted a whole new generation of listeners, whether through live performances or its use in film and TV soundtracks, such as those of hit Netflix series Bridgerton and The Crown.

Now, working with the young musicians of Chineke! Orchestra and brilliant solo violinist Elena Urioste, Richter has delved even deeper into the fascinating sound world of his groundbreaking work. Together they perform THE NEW FOUR SEASONS on original string instruments from Vivaldi’s day and 1970s Moog synths – “the equivalent of the Stradivarius”. 

“Vivaldi’s palette applied to the new score was extraordinary – it was like fireworks.” Max Richter

The result is a unique musical journey and an exceptional opportunity to hear one of Richter’s masterpieces in the vibrant colours of the Baroque. Discussing the new project, he quotes John Cage: “As artists, our business is curiosity”. And he adds, “I just think that absolutely nails it. Creative work is about discovering things you didn’t know were there.”


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