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Ludovico Einaudi I Giorni

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Released in 2001, I Giorni paved way for the rise of Ludovico Einaudi to mainstream success. This beautifully melodic record features only solo piano, but captivates throughout with it’s gorgeous shapes and phrasing taking the listener on a journey with Ludovico himself. Quite aptly, the album contains the title track I Giorni, which has now been certified as a gold record in the UK. This is the first time this album has appeared on highly collectable coloured vinyl.


LP1 Side A

  1. Melodia Africana I
  2. I Due Fiumi
  3. In Un'Altra Vita
  4. Melodia Africana II


LP 1 Side B

  1. Stella Del Mattino
  2. I Giorni
  3. Samba


LP 2 Side A

  1. Melodia Africana III
  2. La Nascita Delle Cose Segrete
  3. Quel Che Resta
  4. Inizio


LP 2 Side B

  1. Limbo
  2. Bella Notte
  3. Canzone Africana IV