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Max Richter Voices 1&2 (Ltd. Clear 4LP Boxset)

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Format: Ltd 4LP Boxset

  • Voices 180gr 2LP (clear)

  • Voices 2 180gr 2LP (clear with etching on the D Side)

  • A5 print with blurb from Max Richter talking about Voices as a whole project

I described VOICES “a piece of music as a place to think”, and VOICES 2 develops this principle. In a sense this second record is a space to look at the questions raised by the first record.        

Building on the musical material of the first record, VOICES 2 extends the musical language into a purely instrumental and abstract direction. Where the first part of the project is very focussed on the text of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, the 2nd part opens up a musical space to let these words and ideas sink in.         

Mercy, the last track on the first record becomes in this new configuration not the end, but the mid-point of the project and, as the music progresses, the DNA of Mercy increasingly permeates the entire musical landscape.  

The music was in large part recorded as part of the original sessions and features the same dedicated band of players. Some additional recording had to be done during the months of lockdown; I will never forget recording the solo piano music in the vast spaces of the eerily deserted Studio 1 at Abbey Road.

– Max Richter

Voices 2 Tracklist:

A Side

1 Psychogeography 6.53

2 Mirrors 2.36

3 Follower 5.03

B Side

1 Solitaries 4.49

2 Movement Study 5.48

3 Prelude 4.18

C Side

1 Colour Wheel 3.02

2 Origins (Solo) 4.08

3 Little Requiems (Cello Version) 7.35

4 Mercy Duet 4.26

D Side

Etched excerpt of UN Declaration

Voices 1 Tracklist:

A Side

1 All Human Beings

2 Origin

3 Journey Piece

B Side

1 Chorale

2 Hypocognition

3 Prelude 6

C Side

1 Murmuration

2 Cartography

D Side 

1 Little Requiems

2 Mercy